Policy 101: Philosophy

The primary purpose of education in the Mount Pleasant Community Schools is to help each student to develop the knowledge, skills, interests and the attitudes necessary to become a responsible contributing citizen.

Our school exists to serve students.  The interests, needs, and welfare of the students are paramount in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the curricular and cocurricular program.

All students can learn and find success in a safe and orderly environment, which is positive, supportive and encouraging.  We understand that students learn in diverse ways and at different rates.  We believe that learning is active.  Learning is best achieved through doing.  All students can learn much from one another.

Learning does not start or end with school but is a lifelong process shared with the home and the community.  We are committed to work together for the betterment of our students and our community.

Date of Adoption:  June 10, 1991

Reviewed:  February 10, 1992; May 12, 1997; November 13, 2000; March 8, 2004; April 14, 2008

Amended:  June 9, 1997; Jan. 14, 2013