Policy 201: General Organization

201.1 Name of School District:
This school district is organized and known as Mount Pleasant Community School District located in the counties of Henry, Jefferson, Lee, and Van Buren, State of Iowa.  

Legal References:  (Code of Iowa) Chapter 274.6  

Date of Adoption:  December 9, 1969 

Reviewed:  Jan. 15, 1990; Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000; Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017


201.2 Legal Status of the Board:
The Board of Directors of the Mount Pleasant Community School District derives its legal status from the constitution of the State of Iowa and the statutes enacted by the General Assembly.  The Board of Directors acts as an agent of the state in developing an educational program in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the State of Iowa.  

Legal References:  (Code of Iowa) Chapter 274   

Date of Adoption:  December 9, 1969  

Reviewed:  Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000; Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017


201.3 General Powers and Duties:
The Board of Directors shall make rules for its own government and that of the teachers and pupils, and for the care of the schoolhouses, grounds and properties of the school corporation, and aid in the enforcement of these rules, and require the performance of duties of said persons imposed by the law and the rules.   
Legislative - The School Board represents the people of the district and shall function as a policy-making body.  The Board has complete jurisdiction over the school district and its employees.   
Executive - The Board of Directors selects an executive officer, the Superintendent of Schools, and delegates to the Superintendent the authority for carrying out the policies, plans, and administrative details necessary to insure that all phases formulated by the Board are made effective in the operation of the schools.   
Appraisal - Appraisal is that function which attempts, through careful examination and study of facts and conditions, to determine the efficiency of the operation of the schools, not only in dollars and cents, but in desirable values as the result of instruction based on a sound philosophy of education.    

Legal Reference:  (Code of Iowa) Chapter 274 

Date of Adoption:  December 9, 1969 

Reviewed:  Jan. 15, 1990; Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000; Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017 


201.4 Elections:
The annual school election takes place on the second Tuesday in September.  Each annual school election is used to elect at least one citizen to the board to maintain a seven (7)-member board and to address other questions that must be submitted to the voters. 
Citizens of the school district community seeking a seat on the board must file their nomination papers with the board secretary, or the board secretary's designee, between sixty-four and forty days before the school election unless otherwise directed. 
If a vacancy occurs on the board it may be filled by appointment within 30 days of the vacancy.  If the board does not fill the vacancy by appointment, the board secretary will call a special election to fill the vacancy.  Candidates for a seat created by a vacancy must file their nomination papers 25 days before the special election. 
It is the responsibility of the county commissioner of elections to conduct school elections. 

Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 39; 45; 47-53; 56-57; 63, 69; 274.7; 277; 278.1, 279.7 (2003).    

Date of Adoption:  January 14, 1975 

Reviewed:  Jan. 15, 1990; Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000, Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017 


201.5 Membership:
The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members.  Two directors shall be elected at large.  The entire school district shall be divided into designated geographical sub-districts, to be known as Director Districts.  Each Director District shall be represented on the School Board by one Director who shall be a resident of such Director District, but who shall be elected by the vote of the electors of the entire school district.  The districts are as follows: 
Township: Section 
Tippecanoe: 1(west of W55) – 8; 16 – 18 
City of Rome: 
Trenton: 1 – 18; 20 – 29; 31 – 36 
Jefferson: 28 – 34 
Marion: 1 – 36 
Wayne: 32 
Canaan: 7; 17 – 20; 29 – 32 
New London: 5 – 9; 16 – 20; 30 - 31 
Center: 1 – 6; 11 – 16(east of Iowa Ave.); 21(east of Iowa Ave.) - 28(east of Iowa Ave.); 33(east of Iowa Ave.) – 36
 Jefferson County: Round Prairie 12(east ½); 13, 14(north ½) 
All the area starting at the intersection at Locust & Webster running north on Locust to Clay, running east on Clay to Walnut, running north on Walnut to Henry, running east on Henry to Cherry, running north on Cherry to Maple Leaf, running east on Maple Leaf to Frontage Road, running north on Frontage Road to Winfield Ave., running east then south along the city limits to southern boundary of city limits, running west along city limits (255TH street) to Walnut street, running north on Walnut to Webster, running west along Webster to Locust. 
All the area starting at the intersection of Saunders & Washington running north on Saunders to Carnahan Road, running north on Carnahan Rd. to Courtland, running east on Courtland to White, running south on White to BNSF railroad, running east along railroad to Main, running south on Main to Madison, running east on Madison to Adams, running south on Adams to Washington, running east on Washington to Locust, running south on Locust to city limits, running along south city limits to Oakland Mills road, running south along Oakland Mills Road to Big Creek, running northwest along Big Creek to Heather Branch, running northeast along Heather Branch to Washington, running west along Washington to Saunders. 
All the area starting at the intersection of White & State, running east on State to Broadway, running north on Broadway to Winfield Ave., running east on Winfield Ave. to the Frontage Road, running south on Frontage Road to Maple Leaf, running west on Maple Leaf to Cherry, running south on Cherry to Henry, running west on Henry to Walnut, running south on Walnut to Clay, running west on Clay to Locust, running north on Locust to Washington, running west on Washington to Adams, running north on Adams to Madison, running west on Madison to Main, running north on Main to BNSF railroad, running west along BNSF to White, running north on White to State. 
Township: Section 
Tippecanoe: 1(east of W55); 9 –15; 19 –36 
City of Westwood Center: 16(west of Iowa Ave.) – 21(west of Iowa Ave.; 28(west of Iowa Ave.) – 33(west of Iowa Ave.) 
Jackson: 1 – 36 
Baltimore: 6; 7; 18 – 20; 29 – 32 
City of Salem: 
Salem: 1 – 16; 21 –27; 35 - 36  
Lee County: Cedar 1(west ½) – 4; 9(east ½); 10; 11 (west ½); 14; 15 (north ½); 16 (north ½)  
Jefferson: Round Prairie 25; 36 

Legal Reference:  (Code of Iowa) Chapter 275.12 1B; 277.23  

Date of Adoption:  September 13, 1971 

Reviewed:  January 15, 1990; February 10, 1992; December 11, 2000; October 11, 2004; April 14, 2008  

Amended:  Jan. 7, 1985; Dec. 10, 2012

201.6 Term of Office:
Each member of the Board of Directors is elected for a term of four (4) years, or to complete the unexpired term of a regularly elected member.  

Legal Reference: (Code of Iowa) Chapter 274.7, 277.24  

Date of Adoption: December 9, 1969  

Reviewed: Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000; Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017  


201.7 Vacancies:
A vacancy occurs when a board member resigns, forfeits or otherwise leaves the office.  A vacancy also includes, but is not limited to, the following:  failure to be properly elected, failure to qualify within the time fixed by law, failure to reside in the school district or director district, a court order declaring the seat vacant, conviction of a felony, three violations of the open meetings law, or conviction of a public offense in violation of the oath of office. 
If a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of a term of office, the vacancy will be filled by board appointment within 30 days of the vacancy.  A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold office until a successor is elected and qualified at the next regular school election, unless there is an intervening special election for the school district, in which event a successor shall be elected at the intervening special election.
If the board is unable to fill a vacancy by appointment within 30 days after the vacancy occurs, the board secretary will call a special election to be held no sooner than 60 days and not later than 70 days after the vacancy occurred.  A board member elected at the special election will serve the remaining portion of the unexpired term. 

Legal Reference: Good v. Crouch, 397 N.W.2d 757 (Iowa 1986). Board of Directors of Grimes Independent School Dist. v. County Board of Public Instruction of Polk Co., 257 Iowa 106, 131 N.W.2d 802 (1965). Board of Directors of Menlo Consol. School Dist. v. Blakesburg, 240 Iowa 910, 36 N.W.2d 751 (1949).  Iowa Code §§ 21.6(3)(d); 69; 277.29-.30; 279.6-.7 (2003).  1944 Op. Att'y Gen. 39.  

Date of Adoption:  December 9, 1969  

Reviewed:  Feb. 10, 1992; Dec. 11, 2000; Oct. 11, 2004; April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar 13, 2017

Amended:  June 9, 1986; Mar. 13, 2017

201.8 Oath of Office:
Board members are officials of the state.  As a public official, each board member must pledge to uphold the Iowa and the United States Constitution and carry out the responsibilities of the office to the best of the board member's ability. 
Each newly elected board member will take the oath of office prior to any action taken as a school official.  The oath of office is taken by each new board member elected at the annual school election at or before the organizational meeting of the board.  In the event of an appointment or special election to fill a vacancy, the new board member will take the oath of office within ten days of the appointment or election. 
Board members elected to offices of the board will also take the same oath of office but replacing the office of board member with the title of the office to which they were elected. 
The oath of office is administered by the board secretary and does not need to be given at a board meeting.  In the event the board secretary is absent, another board member administers the oath. 
"Do you solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Iowa, and that you will faithfully and impartially to the best of your ability discharge the duties of the office of ____________________ (naming the office) in ____________________ (naming the district) as now and hereafter required by law?" 
NOTE:  Board members elected at the regular election do not need to take the oath of office within 10 days.  However, those elected at a special election or appointed to fill a vacancy must take the oath of office within 10 days. 

Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 277.28; 279.1, .6 (2003). 

Date of Adoption: October 11, 2004   

Reviewed: April 14, 2008; Nov. 12, 2012; Mar. 13, 2017