Policy 905:  Community Activities Involving Students

905.1 Public Performances by Students
The Board of Directors recognizes that worthy and appropriate educational values accrue from student participation in civic and community affairs. As such, the Board encourages the students to participate in public performances when such performances contribute to the educational processes and objectives of the school, and when it does not unduly interfere with the student program.
    1.  All such performances shall be approved by the immediate administrator involved.
    2.  The extended use of one particular group should be discouraged.
Date of Adoption:  November 12, 1974
Reviewed:  May 11, 1992; Feb. 11, 2002; Oct.  8, 2007; Oct. 8, 2012; April 13, 2015


905.2 Contests for Students

The following policy shall govern student participation in local, state, and national contests:
(1) Participation
Participation shall be limited to those contests and activities that are educationally sound, worthy, and timely. It should be stimulating for the student and school, a desirable activity for both, and should supplement and not interfere with the regular program. Participation shall be voluntary.
(2) Approval
The Superintendent shall review and approve all regions.  The application shall contain information about the nature of the contest, the purpose, the number of students involved, the time required, the means of financing the event, and other pertinent information.

Date of Adoption:   November 12, 1974

Reviewed: May 11, 1992; Feb. 11, 2002; Oct. 8, 2007; Oct. 8, 2012; April 13, 2015

Amended: January 8, 1980; June 9, 1986


 905.3 Student Fund Raising   (Moved to 503.10)



905.4 School-Community Associations

The Board values the participation and the support of school district - community associations, including, but not limited to, the Booster Clubs and the Parent-Teacher Organization, which strives for the betterment of the school district and the education program.

It shall be the responsibility of the building principal and/or the activities director to be the liaison with the school district-community associations affiliated with the attendance center.

Prior to any purchase of, or fund-raising for, the purchase of goods or services for the school district, the fund-raising organization shall confer with the building principal and/or activities director to ensure the school district's needs are being met.

School Community Associations shall present in writing (plans, specifications, drawings, etc.) to the Board of any recommended facility or equipment improvement projects for the year. All such projects involving expenditure of money, matching funds or not, should be submitted to the administration (activities director, building principal and/or building and grounds supervisor), who in turn will present the project to the Board. Board approval will be necessary before any project is undertaken or any materials purchased.

Date of Adoption: September 14, 1987

Reviewed: May 11, 1992; May 16, 1994; Feb. 11, 2002; Oct. 8, 2007; Oct. 8, 2012; April 13, 2015

Amended: June 20, 1994


905.5 Distribution of Materials

The Board recognizes that students, employees, parents or citizens may want to distribute materials within the school district, which are non-curricular. School programs exist to serve the educational needs of students and should not become environments wherein students are subject to manipulation for commercial purposes. School personnel should exercise caution in determining the types of solicitation materials presented to students. Non-curricular materials to be distributed must be approved by the building principal and should include the following information: clearly identify the individual organization, contact person, phone number, and address of the organization.

Legal Reference: Iowa Code Section 279.8; 280.22

Date of Adoption: August 13, 2001

Reviewed: Feb. 11, 2002; Oct. 8, 2007; Oct. 8, 2012; April 13, 2015